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This service allows you to generate aliases for long URLs so that you can put them in your Mail, IM, SMS or Tweet without using up too many characters or risking line breaks.

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Legal/Disclaimer: URL shortening is provided free of charge and without any warranty - we reserve the right to shut it down or undergo maintainance at any time, without prior notice. You may use for whatever purposes you like, including private, business or governmental use. However hiding phishing or scamming websites, as well as all websites that violate Austrian or German law is strictly forbidden. URL shortenings will be logged with current date/time and your IP address. We take no responsibility for the content of linked URLs. Short URLs are created randomly, any references are purely coincidental. If you are offended by one of the generated links or want to report abuse of this service, please contact xofficeexx @ (remove the x's!)
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